16 mm Film Manipulation

While working through my project for the 16 mm Film manipulation i found that this was a very enjoyable project for myself. I worked with Ashley and we both met twice outside of class. While working outside of class we did the methods such as the ink, bleach, and scratching methods. While working on this, we were able to match up our many methods done without one another and blend them together. We had many methods on our film stock that blended well together and our whole project came together nicely. While working by myself and doing the photograms in the black box, it was an experience that i will never forget. The method was a new experience, yet i loved creating images and having no limitations. Our objective of using the elements of earth, wind, and fire were represented well by using rice, beads, salt, and other tools. Our color scheme revolved around blue, red, and brown. Blue for the water, red for fire, and brown for earth. I played these colors into my frame animation as i planned my story. My animation shows a stick figure planting a seed while the tree grows over time with the sun and rain. After multiple visits from the stick figure, the tree eventually is cut down to a stub and the stick figure sits on it for one last time. The story shows the elements of water and earth and it is a circle of life animation to add to our project. The overall project has been a learning experience and allowing my creativity to grow has been eye opening. I definitely  am interested in working in film more often, even using this method of film manipulation.



When studying and watching the assigned readings/ videos for this week, i found that i was captivated within this subject of sound. I used to be a music junkie and played the trumpet. Being in the music world and playing an instrument allowed me to captivate many senses i have that most people never know. Sound is beautiful in many ways especially the organic sound sod the world. In the film “Listen” by David New, i found myself realizing the world does make natural sounds constantly and it never stops. Animals, people. traffic, and any other activities are always filling the air with sound, yet we as a society block out many sounds when living our lives. We forget the simplicity of sound and we are focused to other sounds like music. Music is beautiful and helps people to listen, yet the natural sounds of the world are just as beautiful. In the article titled “Father of acoustic ecology”, they write that we may be too observant and too dominant about sounds, blocking out many simple and important sounds such as animals. When also watching the video titled “sound and time” by Justin Boyd, he explores using objects, recording, and any other sounds to make music. This method is unique and exposes the true quality that the sounds on the streets can be music to our ears. Both videos i watched can be related to one another in that they show the beauty within the sounds around the world that we hear everyday. If we stop and listen, we can definitely learn to love our world and not rely on media and other tools to block the simplicity of sound.

R1- Different ways of Knowing

Within observing the subjects of Synesthesia and Cymatics, they relate to one another in a beautiful way. Researching and reading upon the subject of synesthesia is a subject that remains very interesting. Synesthesia is the ability to see colors or textures when recalling words or numbers. When watching the video “Different ways of knowing” with speaker Daniel Tammet, he has this ability of synesthesia and hopes to help others understand how it works. He relates pictures of a poem back to the words itself and why it all makes sense to us. He draws out what he sees when he says numbers and describes that many words he says have textures to each individual word. He also shows an example of a math problem that he painted into a picture to show what he sees. It is a very interesting way to think and see the world. in Relation to Synesthesia, Cymatics is also unique because it is the way of seeing what sounds look like. In a way this relates to Synesthesia because we can see what the sound looks like with special equipment. Some songs such as a Beethoven symphony or a rock song, shows an example of what the songs look like. This new way of seeing sounds can very well change the world as this technology progresses and keeps advancing. Dolphin frequencies and other animal noises can be related to this technology and hopefully one day we can picture what the sounds they are making look like.

First response- Norman McLaren Exercise

When viewing the Norman McLaren film, i had many thoughts and wrote a variety of visual components that caught my attention. The film was very odd and many of the words that i wrote involved the human body such as blood cells, human faces, and bodies dancing. I also wrote words that involved instruments, which i thought flowed perfectly within the film because the music went hand and hand with the images projected on the screen. Guitars and crazy piano music played throughout the film and transitioned into a slow musical piece. The fast paced images then completely stopped and turned into a string instrument such as a cello being plucked simultaniously with the music. I found myself enjoying the slow section of the film while the rest of the film had random fast paced images dancing on the screen. I saw feathers, butterflies, and aliens in the faster portion of the film. This film was very experimental and while viewing it, i did not realize how much work went into making a film such as the one Norman McLaren produced. After working on one film strip i could most definatly respect the film even more because of the images that where crafted individually and then all at once along with the crazy melody of the film. I wrote mostly about random objects from the film, however everyone who screens this film must see every image differently then other audience members. This happens to be my favorite part about this film because it is so consistently surprising, colorful, and it is open to a creative mind.